Body Treatments in  Anderson SC

Call Images Salon and Day Spa to schedule a Body Wrap, Airbrush Spray Tan, Cellulite Treatment or any of our other Body Treatments in Anderson, SC.

Cellulite Treatments

Dramatically improve your body tone. This treatment begins with exfoliation, followed by a highly concentrated essential oil extract. It improves appearance of cellulite, skin tonicity and suppleness.

Body Polish
Give your skin a healthy goal. A creamy granular scrub is applied all over the body to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. A rich body moisturizer is lightly massaged to replenish hydration and renew elasticity.
Herbal Body Wrap
An excellent detoxifying treatment. You are soaked with an infusion of Allspice, Lavender, Calendula Petals, Clove, Eucalyptus, Ginger Root and Rosemary. Then a warm blanket is wrapped around the body keeping you warm for 40 minutes, letting the herbs draw out impurities. A body moisturizer is then applied, leaving the skin soft and revitalized.
Airbrush Spray Tan
The only safe way to get a tan!! A sugar cane liquid is sprayed on the skin in an even mist to produce a totally natural looking bronzed skin.
$30.00 per treatment
Ear Candling
A soothing all-natural process used to help relieve itching and soften hardened ear wax, allowing your body to naturally excrete it in the days following the procedure.


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