Facial Treatments

Salon and Spa in Anderson, South Carolina

Mini Facial

Starts at $80

The European Facial

The facial offers the ultimate in cleansing, treatment, and rejuvenation. There is no feeling quite like it. Our expert starts with a thorough skin analysis, pore cleansing (this is when your pores say “aah”), facial and decolletage massage. The collection of professionally designed services and precious ingredients combined to match your skin type accomplish immediate visual results-the epitome of instant gratification. Signature facial treatments could include glycolic or salicylic acid peels and collagen treatments.

Starts at $75

Rosacea/Sensitive Skin Facial

This facial is excellent for the person with excessive redness to the face. The skin is soothed with a gentle massage and a calming masque. Rosacea can be a difficult condition to deal with, so let our esthetician help advise you on your daily care.

Starts at $70

Acne Treatment Facial

Troubled by out of control blemished, clogged pores and sudden breakouts? Acne appears in various types, various ages and at various stages. But no matter what stage your acne is in, our esthetician can help you solve your skin condition with this customized treatment. For best results, a minimum of six treatments is necessary to effectively treat problem skin, and must be performed in conjunction with a customized home care routine. This program will result in minimized acne, oily shine and redness.

Starts at $70

Glycolic or Salicylic Acid Peels

Try our Beta-Ex skin exfoliating system, which is powerful, yet extra gentle. It out-muscles many superficial chemical peels with deep penetrating strength. It penetrates deeper into the epidermal layer, delivering Salicylic Acid to rapidly increase exfoliation and stimulate and accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process, gently lifting off dead cells and safely uncovering healthier, younger looking skin.

Starts at $100


Polish away the outermost surface of the skin removing sun-damaged skin and remove or lessening scars and dark spots. Your friends and family will swear you look at least 10 years younger!

$85 Each/ Series of 6 for $480

Collagen Eye Treatment

$35 Add On

Light Chemical Peels

Starting at $85

Lip Treatment

$15 Add On