New Year, New Look

With a new year comes resolutions and this year is no different. Many people’s resolutions are to keep hair and skin healthy as ever! If this is one of your resolutions then we are here to help.


When it comes to skincare it is important to first know your skin type! Remember when it comes to any skin type it is important to focus on hydration. Keeping your skin hydrated helps keep your skin looking and feeling softer. You should shorten your showers, hot water can be damaging to not only your skin but your hair so it is important to take shorter showers to keep your hair and skin healthy. Getting a facial every once and a while can be very beneficial to your skin’s health and luminosity. Facials are very healing for the skin and help with not only acne but wrinkles as well. Here at Images Salon & Day Spa in Anderson, South Carolina, we offer a variety of facials for everyone at appropriate costs.

Hair care

Just like skin, there and many types of different hair, and knowing what type of hair you have is essential when choosing what type of products to use. Although there are some very basic things that everyone should do for their hair, specific hair types need different routines. For everyone, washing your hair is important but remember to not wash your hair too much. Shampooing your hair too much can cause your hair to break down its natural oils and can damage your hair. It can even make it get oily, faster! It is important to know what conditioner is right for your hair so it optimizes the strength and growth of your hair. Commit to using a weekly hair mask as well. Hair masks can hydrate your hair and prevent breakage and split ends, keeping your hair healthier and longer. Use after-shower care like leave-in conditioner or hair serum. Leave-in products provide extra moisture to your hair after the shower and can protect it from damage and help you detangle your hair easier.

At Images Salon & Day Spa, we can provide you with suggestions for your hair and skin to create a flawless base for your new year! If you are in Anderson, South Carolina, and ready for a new style or facial, give us a call at 864.225.8355 or stop in and see us at 2101 N Main St, Anderson, SC 29621.