The Pros and Cons of a Brazilian Blowout

Is a Brazilian Blowout Right for You?

Brazilian Blowouts are a popular choice among women with thick and unmanageable hair. The option for a full service blowout can be worth the price for silky locks that maintain their shape for days to come, but how do you know if a Brazilian Blowout is right for you? In this blog, we’ll break down the pros and cons for you!

To start, let’s break down the process of a blowout:

  1. The first application of the process is the keratin solution, which is rich in amino acids (protein). It is applied to the hair evenly and then blow-dried to seal it in.
  2. Next, the hair is flat ironed to finish the sealing of the protein solution.
  3. Finally, the hair is rinsed out and blow-dried or flat-ironed. 

Now that we explained what a Brazilian Blowout includes, here are the pros: 

  • You receive immediate results – You will have noticeably silky smooth hair that defies frizz.
  • It will strengthen and rejuvenate your hair – The keratin treatment fortifies the hair strands – strengthening your hair and keeping it silky smooth. It can even reverse dry and heat-damaged hair!
  • The treatment is long-lasting – A Brazilian blowout can last up to 4 months and will make your hair routine consistently manageable.
  • Wash and Wear Ready – The long lasting effects of the Brazilian Blowout makes your hair routine not only manageable, but it can be cut out altogether – making this a ready-to-wear treatment that lasts for months.

With every pro, there are cons:

  • The treatment can be pricey – A Brazilian blowout can be on the pricier side, with a price ranging from $130 to upwards of $500 depending on the treatment. However, at Images Salon, we offer a blowout and style for $30!
  • There is a potential chemical risk – The original solution was previously made with Formaldehyde, a chemical that has been linked to health problems; however, most solutions today are made without it. Always contact the salon that is servicing your treatment to be sure! Our solution is completely safe and formaldehyde free! 
  • The treatment can be lengthy – The average length of the treatment is around 90 minutes and can be a lengthy service for some. If you are planning to get a blowout, make sure it’s on your day off! 

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons and the decision to get a Brazilian Blowout are purely up to preference. If you are tired of your thick and frizzy unmanageable hair, then a Brazilian Blowout may be the perfect solution to your problems! Call Images Salon and book your blowout today!