What To Do When Getting a Spray Tan

Winter time is coming and that means it’s time for spray tans! We wanted to help you know what to do when getting a spray tan!


Prepare for your spray tan with shaving and using a gentle exfoliator. Before getting a tan, shaving and exfoliating is a great idea to get all of the dead skin off and open up your pores so that your tan will last longer.


When going in for a spray tan you want to make sure you wear loose, baggy, dark, clothes so that once you get your tan it doesn’t rub off and get patchy. You also shouldn’t wear makeup if tanning your face because the makeup acts like a layer above your skin and will wipe the tan off once you take your makeup off.

We always get the question “Do you have to be fully naked during a spray tan?” Of course not! While getting a spray tan it is completely normal to be fully naked and your stylist will not care what you look like, but if that’s not your cup of tea, no worries! You can wear your undergarments but be careful because they will stain, so it is best to wear black or something you don’t care about.


Don’t make plans after. It is important to remember that after you get a spray tan you have to wait a minimum of five hours before you can shower to let the tan soak in. During those five hours your tan will look very darkly pigmented, and it might have a very distinct smell. There is no rule against going out after getting your tan done but it is best to skip social events because of these factors.

 Also, maybe skip the gym that day! No one wants to be a streaky mess after a tan! If you sweat on your tan it will get lines from being washed off by the sweat, so it is best to wait to go to the gym for at least 24 hours.